ALICE’S LAW PASSES SENATE Eight Busted in Long Island Auto Insurance

New York — May 9…On the very same day that on Long Island for intentionally causing road accidents to scam insurance companies out of more than $1 million, “Alice’s Bill,” a measure to make staged accidents a standalone crime in New York passed the State Senate, the drivers group New Yorkers Stand Against Auto Insurance Fraud (NYSAIF) today reported. The bill which passed in the Senate and State Assembly last year — but in slightly different versions — would give law enforcement an extra tool to crack down on this dangerous crime.

“Yesterday’s arrests show just how necessary Alice’s Law is in New York,” said NYSAIF spokesman David Schwartz, a former Kings County assistant district attorney. “Staged accidents are occurring all over New York State and they are putting the public at very real risk. Alice Ross, for whom this bill was named, lost her life in Queens 10 years ago after being forced off the road in one of these scams.”

Alice Ross, a 71-year-old wife and grandmother was killed in 2003 when her car was intentionally struck by a vehicle. Mrs. Ross’s car struck a tree, resulting in her death.

Besides the danger to drivers, New Yorkers have paid an estimated $1 billion in extra auto insurance premiums over the past five years because of these scams, NYSAIF said.

Alice’s Bill is now being considered in the State Assembly.


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