Driver Endorsed: NYSAIF Backs Bob Cohen for NY State Senate

Bob Cohen for NY State SebateNew Yorkers Stand Against Auto Insurance Fraud (NYSAIF), an organization of concerned New York drivers working to stop rampant and dangerous auto insurance fraud in New York State, has endorsed Bob Cohen for New York State Senate.

Auto insurance fraud — which includes staged accidents that have killed innocent victims — has cost New York drivers more than a billion extra dollars in auto insurance premiums over the past five years. New York drivers now pay 54% more for auto insurance on average than drivers in other states.

No Fault Auto Insurance fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in New York State. Criminal enterprises, working with corrupt doctors, game the system for hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Last year, two major crime syndicates were busted in New York by federal and state authorities, but they are believed to be just the tip of the iceberg, NYSAIF says.

Mr. Cohen received NYSAIF’s “Driver Endorsed” imprimatur by promising to enact meaningful reforms in New York’s no-fault insurance laws that contain loopholes that encourage fraud and abuse.

“Bob Cohen has promised to stand by drivers this year in Albany, so New York drivers will stand by him in this election,” said NYSAIF spokesman David Schwartz. “NYSAIF is proud to endorse Mr. Cohen in this race, and we will look forward to working with him beginning in January to get meaningful reform passed in 2012.”

No Fault Auto Insurance reform is supported by law enforcement officials around New York State, including each of the five New York City district attorneys.

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